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The Network

IRN EHEDE members

Research departments whose members have co-authored articles in international or national journals/books.

Country Research department Organization Contact
France Chrono-environnement University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté - CNRS Patrick Giraudoux, Eve Afonso
Laboratoire dynamiques sociales et recomposition des espaces Université Paris Diderot - CNRS Céline Clauzel
UMR 7209 - AASPE National Natural History Museum Cécile Callou
China Department of Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health Leshan Normal University Li Li
Key Lab of Fundamental Medical Research on Echinococcosis and first teaching hospital Xinjiang Medical University Zhang WenBao
Sichuan Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Echinococcosis group Sichuan CDC Wang Qian
Sichuan Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Taeniasis/Cysticercosis group Sichuan CDC Li TiaoYing
School of Life Sciences China West Normal University Li DaYong
Pathogen and Immunology Deparment Ningxia Medical University Yang YuRong
Key Lab of Animal Parasitology Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science Jia WanZhong
Research institute of important animal infectious diseases and zoonosis Guilin Medical University Zhao Yumin
School of life sciences East China Normal University Wang Zhenghuan
U.K. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University Christopher Marston
Australia Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit Australian National University Archie Clements
IRN EHEDE associates

Groups linked to the network through partnership with a member or willing to be kept informed.

Country Research department Organization Contact
China Forestry Science Research Institute Chinese Academy of Forestry Li DiQiang
Institute of Ecology Beijing Normal University Zhang Li
France Control of Emergence and Exotic Animal Diseases (CMAEE) INRA (Animal Health) David Pleydell
Germany Department of Parasitology University of Hohenheim Thomas Romig
Italy Ethology Unit, Department of Biology University of Pisa Alessandro Massolo
Vietnam International Livestock Research Institute & Hanoï School of Public Health International Livestock Research Institute Nguyen Viet Hung