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Post-COVID, missions to China resume


Although cooperation continued through video conferencing and e-mail, travel to and from China and meetings in person were suspended for four years during COVID-19. From 6 to 17 November, a first mission was organised to take stock of the changes that have taken place in France and China since COVID and reorganize common works. Prof. Li Li (李丽) managed the content of this mission. Participants for the Chrono-environment lab were Eve Afonso and Patrick Giraudoux

Leshan Normal University

Prof Li Li, who has recently been appointed to Leshan Normal University, will relocate the Laboratory of Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health, which was initially established at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics in 2012. The conditions under which this can be supported by our international network and how to foster future collaborations between Leshan Normal University and the University of Franche-Comté were discussed with the staff of the Leshan Normal University, President Liu Jing (刘进), Vice-president Jiang Tao (江瑫), Prof. Tang Mei (唐梅) Dean of the School of Life Science, Prof. Liu HongJiang (刘洪江) Vice-dean of the School of Tourism and Dir. of human resources Huang Kai (黄凯).

Mount Emei (峨嵋山)

Welcomed by dir. Tang YongJin (汤永进), Emei Mountain and the China terrestrial ecosystem research station were visited with a view to extending ongoing research in Yunnan on black-and-white snub-nosed monkeys and the impact of wildlife tourism to Tibetan macaque populations.

First meeting at the Emei mountain research station

Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve

Dir Yang Yun (杨云) organized a warm welcome and the visit of several field stations:

  • the elephant valley, where the situation observed by the GDRI EHEDE before COVID19 was updated
  • Guan Ping (关评) long-term research station on Asian wild elephant, where in depth discussions were held with technical staff
  • an organic tea plantation under tree cover at NanNuo (南糯)

With the crew of the Guan Ping long-term research station


Several presentations were given at each site on the work being done on the snub-nosed monkeys in Yunnan, and on the concept of One Health and its biodiversity component.

Conference organised by the French consulate in Chengdu on the 18th of March 2024