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Taeniases/Cysticercoses in Asia

Articles in this section

  • China

    The department of parasitology of the Asahikawa medical college (Pr Ito and colleagues) and the Primate Research Institute of the Kyoto University (Dr Okamoto) have carried out a research programme (2009-2012) aiming at improving detection tools and understanding the eco-epidemiology of teniases and cysticercosis in western Sichuan, in collaboration with the Sichuan Center for Disease Control (Dr. Li Tiao Ying and colleagues). This programme is supported by the Japanese Society for the (...)

  • Bali, Indonesia

    Spatial distribution of Taenia solium and Cysticercosis in Bali. 27 february 2013
    This programme is led and supported by the Asahikawa Medical University and the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science. It includes Japanese (Pr. Akira Ito, Pr. Munehiro Okamoto, Dr. Yasuhito Sako, Dr Tetsuya Yanagida, etc.), Indonesian (Dr Kadek Svastika, Dr Nyoman Sadra Dharmawan, Dr Tony Wandra, etc.) and French (Pr. Patrick Giraudoux) colleagues. The objective is to provide research based evidence (...)