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Thomas Romig’s visit at Besançon

November 24, 2015

The classical book "Echinococcus and hydatid disease" by Thompson & Limbery is going to be updated and a new version published. Thomas Romig (University of Hohenheim, Germany), Alessandro Massolo (University of Calgary, Canada), Francis Raoul and Patrick Giraudoux (University of Franche-Comté/CNRS) met together in Besançon to discuss and decide about the contents of the chapter "Ecology and life cycle patterns of Echinococcus species" and contributors.

Kenichi Takahashi and Thomas Romig in the field in Shiqu, Sichuan, 4200 m alt. in July 2002.

A first draft incorporating everyone’s contribution should circulate by mid January 2016.

Thomas Romig, University of Hohenheim