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WoS publications

This list is limited to Web of Science articles which are co-authored by researchers of at least two different labs of different countries among the GDRI members or associate-members, in the scope of the GDRI EHEDE research issues, since 2013 (year of the network creation).

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Based on the publications co-authored (20/12/2020), the graph below shows the relationships between the GDRI members having common publications in the framework of the GDRI EHEDE:


Circle diameter is proportional to the number of publications coauthored by each member lab, and the edge width to the number of publications two members have co-authored together.

AMU Asahikawa Medical University Japan
ANU Australian National University Australia
CE.CNRS University of Franche-Comté - CNRS France
ECNU East China Normal University China
EdgLandUniv Edge Hill/Landscaster Universities UK
FoScResBeij Forestry Science Research Institute - Beijing China
HohUniv Hohenheim Germany
LADYSS.CNRS University Paris-Diderot - CNRS France
LanzhouMU Lanzhou Medical University China
LVRI Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute China
MNHN Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle France
NxMU Ningxia Medical University China
SalfordUniv Salford UK
Sichuan.CDC Sichuan CDC China
UnivCalg University of Calgary Canada
XJMU Xinjiang Medical University China
YUFE Yunnan University of Finance and Economics China