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YUFE Spring meeting days at Kunming

May 17: Visit of representatives of the scientific services of the French Embassy

Pierre Lemonde, counsellor of the French Embassy for Science and Technology, Beijing and Sylvie Tourpin, attachée de cooperation scientifique et universitaire at the French general consulate of Chengdu were in official visit in Kunming.

Prs Li Li, Zhang Hong and Patrick Giraudoux presented the Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health lab (LWMEH) and the main research projects ongoing involving GDRI EHEDE partners. Drs Eve Afonso and Cécile Callou focused on a collaboration between LWMEH, Chrono-environment, the French National Museum of Natural History and the Kunming Museum of Zoology about Yunnan Snub-Nosed monkey ecology. Jean-Philippe Macchioni, here invited for a first assessment of feasibility, presented the possibility of a documentary on this species. Pr. Zhang Hong outlined the perspective of a research project in urban ecology and landscape management about the city of Dali, to which French partners might be associated.

An international symposium on “Biodiversity, Ecohealth and Public management” is currently planned for the second semester of 2019 in Kunming, organized by the GDRI EHEDE with YUFE support. Pierre Lemonde pointed out that 2019 was labeled “French-Chinese year for biodiversity”, and suggested that this symposium might echo this celebration.

May 24: Meeting with Pr Yu Li and colleagues, at the Yunnan University.

From right to left: Cécile Callou, Petra Villette, Li Li, Eve Afonso, Jean-Philippe Macchioni, Yu Li, Patrick GiraudouxThe French delegation and Pr Li Li met with Pr Yu Li, head of the state key-lab for conservation and utilization of bio-resources in Yunnan. This lab is specialized in molecular ecology and has large facilities for DNA sequencing, etc. Pr Yu Li is currently in charge of analyzing material gathered in the current large census of Yunnan snub-nosed monkey populations coordinated by Dr. Long YongChen. Drs Eve Afonso, Cécile Callou, Prs Li Li and Patrick Giraudoux presented their own programmes in paleogenetics and landscape ecology. Complementarities were identified and possibilities for further cooperation pointed out.

May 24: Meeting with Dr. Li WeiWei and colleagues at the Kunming Museum of Zoology.

A cooperation programme was started between Drs Cécile Callou, Eve Afonso, Li Li, Li WeiWei and colleagues in order to reinforce exchanges between the Kunming Museum of Zoology (KMZ), the French Natural History Museum (MNHN) and the Chrono-environment lab (UBFC-CNRS). A visit of a Chinese delegation of the Kunming Museum of Zoology to the MNHN has been planned for September 2018.

May 17 & 25: Conferences

Jean-Philippe MACCHIONI Documentary film maker Video presentation: Jura le temps d’une montagne (English subtitle)
Eve AFONSO Associate-professor What molecular ecology can bring to the ecologist? A few applications on ancient and modern ecosystems Chrono-environment, University of Franche-Comté
Petra VILLETTE Doctoral student Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Bacterial Parasite Communities in Outbreaking Fossorial Water Vole (Arvicola terrestris) Populations Chrono-environment, University of Franche-Comté
Patrick GIRAUDOUX Professor Coupling mathematical models and agent-based models to study megapopulation dynamics Chrono-environment, University of Franche-Comté & LWMH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
Cécile CALLOU Associate-professor The Natural History Museum collections: focus on mammal types from China Natural History Museum, Paris

May 25: Presentation and discussion of ongoing research

Dr Guo HongYan

WEI DuJuan Master student Literature Review of GAMA Platform Application fields LWMH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
GUO HongYan Associate-professor Two Applications of Gama Model: (1) Population and behaviors simulation of the snub-nosed monkey, (2) Dynamic Simulation of Forest carbon stock in Yunnan Province LWMH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
XING Lu Master student The Application of GAMA Theory in the Study of the snub-nosed monkey LWMH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
GUO Min Master student Designing Insurance Product and Determining Insurance Rates in Wild Asian Elephant - Human Conflicts LWMH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics