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Alessandro Massolo’s sabbatical

July 6, 2015

Dr. Alessandro Massolo, from the Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Epidemiology Lab (WEASEL) of the University of Calgary, will be working at the Chrono-environnement lab for a research sabbatical of 5 months, on the transmission ecology of Echinococcus multilocularis, with the support of the Regional Council of Franche-Comté.

In collaboration with Drs. J. Knapp, F. Raoul and A. Perasso, Pr. P. Giraudoux, and V. Baudrot (PhD student), he will work mainly on the following issues:

  • Mathematical modelling of wildlife transmission patterns and processes at different spatial and temporal scales, with particular attention on multi-hosts models;
  • Distribution of adult worms in definitive hosts populations and the role of individuals vs. population in transmission processes;
  • E. multilocularis genetic variability and spatial distribution, using the EmsB molecular marker.

It will be an unique opportunity to compare transmission systems between Europe and North-America.


Alessandro Massolo
University of Calgary