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Eve Afonso has been awarded a Chrysalide support

2018, January 27

Eve Afonso has been awarded a « Chrysalide » 9 k€ support from the University of Franche-Comté (UFC). “Chrysalide” is a university measure aiming at supporting emergent international programs consistent with the UFC scientific policy. Here, this support is targeted towards reinforcing the GDRI EHEDE network at Kunming

From left to right: Li DaYong (黎大勇), (in the background Cecile Callou, Céline Clauzel), Eve Afonso and Li Li (李丽). All will contribute to the projectIn this project, she will develop an unprecedented retrospective approach to study the impact of environmental pressures on the black and white snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti) in Yunnan. The aim is to compare genetic characteristics of the current population and museum specimens (e.g. from the Natural History Museum, Paris). The genotyping of current samples collected in different groups remaining in Yunnan will provide a database of current genotypes. The estimation of allelic frequencies will be used to infer possible demographic variations of the past populations and to relate them to the available elements of landscape changes and connectivity. Cecile Callou, from the French National Natural History Museum at the GDRI partner meeting days in KunmingIn addition, the current genotypes will be compared to those of old samples (e.g. museum samples of the 19th century), in order to observe if genetic traits could differ, particularly if the fragmentation of forest landscapes is concomitant with a loss of genetic diversity in the current population.

Partners of France (CE, LADYSS, National Natural History Museum) and China (YUFE, China West Normal University) met at the YUFE - GDRI partners meeting days in november to plan about this project.


  • Eve Afonso, Chrono-environment, University of Franche-Comté
  • Li Li, LWMEH, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

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