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  • Consultancy at the University of Kinshasa

    In Africa, the re-emergence of old scourges like plague or cholera, never completely controlled, combines with the emergence of new diseases such as AIDS and monkeypox. Those new health hazards are often linked to sociological changes (shifts in behaviour, diet, activity and occupational rhythms, etc.) and environmental factors exacerbated by global changes. To optimize control strategies, not always appropriate at present, training of young scientists and health professionals must be based (...)

  • Symposium "Innovation for the Management of Echinococcosis" - March 2014

    The symposium "Innovation for the management of echinococcosis" took place in Besançon from 27 to 29 March 2014, organized by the Chrono-Environment Laboratory of the University of Franche-Comté, the Institute of Parasitology, University of Bern, The WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention and treatment of human echinococcosis, the National Reference Center "Alveolar echinococcosis" and the International Research Group "Ecosystem health and environmental disease ecology." It was attended (...)

  • ASTMH 63th annual meeting

    A symposium «Thirty years of international and inter-disciplinary cooperation on echinococcosis in China» has been organized at the 63th annual meeting of the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygien, Wahsington on the 16th of November 2013
    China is currently the country where the majority of cases of echinococcosis, i.e. both Cystic (CE) and Alveolar Echinococcosis (AE) are observed worldwide. In the 1980s, UK-Chinese, then in the 1990s, UK-French-Chinese cooperative (...)

  • Parasitology special issue

    A special issue of Parasitology updates basic and applied research on taeniases/cysticercoses and echinococcoses in developing countries and regions of Eurasia. It has been dedicated to the memory of Pr. Bob Rausch. Their impact is estimated at more than 2 millions of DALYS (the sum of years of potential life lost due to premature mortality and the years of productive life lost due to disability)
    The invited editors are Akira Ito (Japon), Phil Craig (Royaume Uni) et Patrick Giraudoux (...)

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