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  • Lab visits in Beijing

    A number of master and PhD students dealing with Yunnan ecosystems issues at the YUFE laboratory of Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health are co-supervised by laboratories of the Institute of Zoology, Beijing Normal University and the Institute of Forestry of the Chinese Academy of Agriculture, with the support of Chrono-environment. Pr Li Li, Dr Eve Afonso and Pr. Patrick Giraudoux took the opportunity of a stop-over in Beijing to meet with colleagues on November 22-23: Pr Zhang Li, (...)

  • International Symposium for Cestode Zoonosis Control, Chengdu

    15-16 Nov, 2017
    After Shanghai 2012 (see Parasitology special issue here), this symposium held in Chengdu was proposed under the framework of the “three year action plan (2015-2017)”. The aims were to update the epidemic status of echinococcosis and taeniasis/cysticercosis, to share control and elimination strategies at a global level and to exchange about advances on diagnostic, treatment and monitoring. This took place in the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United (...)

  • YUFE - GDRI EHEDE partners meeting days, Kunming

    The Laboratory of Wildlife Management and Ecosystem Health (LWMEH) has been founded in 2012 at the School of Urban Management and Resource Environment, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, just before the GDRI EHEDE was created in 2013. The GDRI has been renewed in 2017 for four years (2017-2020). Researchers having been involved in this 5 year endeavour and others met in Kunming and participated to various meetings from November 25 to December 1.
    The aims were: to provide a (...)

  • GDRI EHEDE @ the Zone atelier/LTSER Hwange…

    The Zone atelier/LTESR Hwange (ZAH), is devoted to long-term multi-disciplinary research about the dynamics of a savanna ecosystem, the Hwange National Park and its periphery (≈15000 km²), at the western border of Zimbabwe. In collaboration with Hervé Fritz, the director of the ZAH, the GDRI EHEDE scheduled workshops and meetings there, at the CNRS/CIRAD research station, from October 16 to 21.
    The objectives were: to make Chinese scientists (Pr. Li Li and colleagues of the WMEH lab, (...)

  • Meeting for cystic echinococcosis in sub-Saharan Africa

    A meeting gathering several members of the GDRI EHEDE has been held on August 28-29, 2017, at the University of Hohenheim, Parasitology lab, Germany, in order to prepare an application `Transmission ecology and risk factors for cystic echinococcosis in sub-Saharan Africa’ to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
    The overall scientific objective of the project is to gain insights into transmission patterns of different agents of cystic echinococcosis (Echinococcus spp.) in selected (...)

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