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  • Qi XinWei’s 3 month internship at Chrono-environment

    Qi XinWei, from the 1st teaching Hospital of the Xinjiang Medical University and the Key Lab of Fundamental Medical Research on Echinococcosis, will be working at the Chrono-environment lab for three month (September 4 to November 27).
    In 2006, Qi XinWei has participated to field works carried out in Narati, Xinyuan county (Yili valley, Tian Shan) coordinated by Patrick Giraudoux with the support of the Xinjiang Medical University and the 1st teaching hospital (Pr. Wen Hao), in the (...)

  • Alessandro Massolo’s sabbatical

    Dr. Alessandro Massolo, from the Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Epidemiology Lab (WEASEL) of the University of Calgary, will be working at the Chrono-environnement lab for a research sabbatical of 5 months, on the transmission ecology of Echinococcus multilocularis, with the support of the Regional Council of Franche-Comté.
    In collaboration with Drs. J. Knapp, F. Raoul and A. Perasso, Pr. P. Giraudoux, and V. Baudrot (PhD student), he will work mainly on the following issues: Mathematical (...)

  • Jean-Jacques Muyembe receives the Christophe Merieux prize

    The Christophe Mérieux Prize 2015 of the Institute of France was awarded to the professor and doctor Jean-Jacques Muyembe, director of the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) of Kinshasa, DRC, for its internationally recognized research in the fight against Ebola.
    Dr. Muyembe Tamfum is a professor at the University of Kinshasa and director of the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB). He is also director of the Master Ecology of infectious diseases, natural hazards (...)

  • European workshop on Alveolar Echinococcosis database

    A workshop on the development of an European database on human cases of alveolar echinococcosis was held in Besançon on April 24-26.
    Thirty-five participants from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland, with an observer from China, discussed on the best strategy to harmonize the census methods of human cases and adopt the database system set up at Besançon in the OREAS project (OSU THETA / Chrono-environment).
    Chrono-environment, supported by the (...)

  • Master ECOM-ALGER

    "Journées des grands témoins" 2015 at Kinshasa
    2015, February 23-28 Master ECOM-ALGER, was established as part of the Unité de formation de de recherche Ecologie des maladies infectieuses (UFR ECMI), at the University of Kinshasa, to optimize eco-health research strategies against infectious agents and other health risks. Directed by Pr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, organized by Pr. Didier Bompangue and his team, the Master ECOM-ALGER was designed in 2014, (...)

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